OMFG a real life filibuster.

Senator Rand Paul held the floor of the Senate in a bid to prevent a vote on the nomination of John O. Brennan to be Central Intelligence Agency Director on Wednesday.Apparently Rand Paul is filibustering the confirmation of John Brennan. While I am often at odds with Rand Paul, I say good for him. That’s how a filibuster is suppose to go.

No more of this blocking of senate business without a reason. This way you can say your peace, and let people know exactly why you’re against whatever is currently on the floor. And maybe sway some minds.

I’ll post more about this later when I am home and am done running.

Update post run and post dinner

Like I gave originally said, I don’t agree with Rand Paul, nor do I particularly care for him.  He isn’t my senator, my senators would be Dianne Feinstein, and  Barbra Boxer. Two women, who I don’t know to much about, other then they have been senators for damn near 20 years, are both Jewish (like me), and pretty die hard liberals. I think I know more about Rand Paul, then them. I also don’t think they would what he did earlier today.

There were parts I agree with, like that the President should not be authorizing attacks on its citizens on its own soil. No one man, should be judge, jury and executioner.  It’s pretty chilling to think that would happen without due process. And he was perfectly correct, right and just to filibuster the way he did. That’s I believe is what the filibuster is for

Personally, I do find it particularly hypocritical because if it was a President he supported, I have serious doubts that he would be as opposed, or as vocal about his opposition. The Patriot Act and TSA are perfect examples of Republican hypocrisy.  When it was Bush’s baby they screamed about how this invasion of our civil liberties would protect us from terrorist. How we need create the brand new Cabinet level Department of Homeland Security (my first thought was is this the KGB?). Now that Obama is in charge of this Department, the TSA  and the Patriot Act, they are against them? WTF jackasses? Whatever, that’s not the point of this

My point is this, Rand Paul took to the Senate floor today to filibuster John Brennan’s nomination as the new Director of the CIA, because of the recent memo from the Justice Department justifying Drone strikes against US citizens on US soil. I think he is an arrogant, spoiled asshole with a sense of entitlement, who’s never had to actually work hard a day in his life. And yet he still feels that someone who flips a burger is beneath him. I also agree with him on this point, and what he did today made me feel a sense of pride for my country and the political party that I used to once belong.


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